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Sonalika DI 26 (with Rotovator)


Sonalika GT 26 Rx tractor manufactured with innovative solutions. It has a bundle of excellent features like 26 hp and 3 cylinders that generates powerful engine capacity. Sonalika GT 26 Rx also has slick 6 Forward +2 Reverse gearboxes. Additionally, This Sonalika GT 26 Rx comes with Oil Immersed Brakes and heavy hydraulic lifting capacity. Sonalika GT 26 Rx produced according to the demand of the customers. Sonalika GT 26 Rx price is reasonable and fits in the budget of every farmer.

The Sonalika 26 HP tractor is a 4 wd mini tractor called Sonalika GT 26 RX with special features. Sonalika 26 HP tractor is fit in farmers budget and built according to the farmer’s need.

PHP 640,000.00

Sonalika DI 60 Rx


Sonalika DI 60 engine capacity is 3707 cc and has 4 cylinders generating 2200 engine rated RPM and Sonalika DI 60 tractor hp is 60 hp. Sonalika di 60 pto hp is superb.This combination is very nice for the buyers. Sonalika DI 60 has dual clutch, which provides smooth and easy functioning.

Sonalika DI 60 steering type is Manual/Power(optional) Steering from that tractor gets easy to control and fast response. The tractor has Oil Immersed Brakes which provide high grip and low slippage. It has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 2000 kg and Sonalika DI 60 mileage is economical in every field. Sonalika DI 60 has 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gear box.

PHP 1,300,000.00

Sonalika Worldtrac DI 75 Rx


Sonalika Worldtrac 75 RX 2WD / 4WD tractor manufactured with innovative solutions. It has a bundle of excellent features like 75 hp and 4 cylinders that generates powerful engine capacity. Sonalika Worldtrac 75 RX 2WD / 4WD also has slick 12 Forward + 12 Reverse gearboxes.

Additionally, This Sonalika Worldtrac 75 RX 2WD / 4WD comes with Oil Immersed Brakes and heavy hydraulic lifting capacity. Sonalika Worldtrac 75 RX 2WD / 4WD produced according to the demand of the customers. Sonalika Worldtrac 75 RX 2WD / 4WD price is reasonable and fits in the budget of every farmer.

PHP 1,450,000.00

Sonalika Worldtrac 90 4WD


Sonalika Worldtrac 90 4WD Tractor is a 90 HP Tractor made for better functioning in Indian fields. The tractor has a 4087 CC Engine made for a better driving experience. The tractor also has 4 Cylinders which provide power plus durability to the tractor.

Sonalika 90 4x4 is a tractor made for better function and this is why it has Double Type Clutch. The tractor also has Oil Immersed brakes according to the buyer, which provide effective grip and prevent slippage. The fuel tank of the tractor is 65 liters made for longer usages. The mileage of the tractor is also very nice and dependable.

PHP 1,650,000.00

Jinma 554

Specification: As a jinma tractor dealer, we would like to tell you about jinma series tractor. Once in the garden, sometimes you will find it’s better to work from the other side of the plants, so try things out as you go. It’s important to buy the very best quality jinma farm tractor you can find. Have you heard JINMA 4WD 55HP Wheel Farm Tractor (JINMA 554) which is provided by Mahindra Yueda Tractor company, if not, why don’t have a look?

PHP 750,000.00



SHAKTIMAN Conical Fertilizer Broadcaster

Specification: SHAKTIMAN Fertilizer Broadcaster is a modern technology implement designed to spread fertilizers with greater ease and efficiency. While the traditional method of spreading fertilizers with hands was more laborious, time consuming and health hazardous, this modern method designed by us is less time consuming and more comfortable and also it does not present any threat to health.


SHAKTIMAN Square Fertilizer Broadcaster

Specification: It’s a square tank machine suitable for spreading granular or crystalline fertilizer. Its unique spreading disc system ensures uniform spreading of fertilizer over greater distance. Precise, systematic and uniform spreading of fertilizer increases soil fertility.


SHAKTIMAN Power Harrow E 120

Specification: The M120 power harrow range is specific for tractors with category 2 & 3 hitch from 80 HP to 120 HP and has 2.5 m and 3 m working widths. It is available with packer roller, cage roller and spike roller and is suitable for very demanding soils for professional use. The M120 series can be combined with seed drills and is equipped with PTO shaft with a slip clutch.


SHAKTIMAN Light Power harrow

Specification: The SRPL power harrow range is specific for tractors with category 2 hitch from 50 HP to 80 HP and has a working width up to 2 meters. It is available with packer roller, cage roller and spike roller and is suitable for stony and demanding soils.


SHAKTIMAN Regular Light

Specification: The Regular Light is a lean and mean rotary tiller specifically carved out for puddling. It comes in handy in prepping for seedbeds on clay soil and delta belts. Agile yet sturdy, it is light in weight, easy on the tractor and is thus fuel efficient. Variable speeds and blade options also facilitate secondary tillage.


SHAKTIMAN Regular Smart

Specification: The Regular Smart rotary tiller is a proven compound performer which can be used for both dry and wet cultivation. It produces a fine seedbed on light and medium soils with minimum passes. It’s an all-weather tiller with multiple drives, speeds and blades to choose from.


SHAKTIMAN Compost Spreader

Specification: SHCS is a unique, economic and durable machine which increases soil fertility by uniform spreading of compost in large fields. It doesn’t require manual help and hence labour cost is reduced. It can also spread gravel, sand, gypsum, saw dust, vermi compost and other granular material. Its operation can be hydraulic as well as mechanical with same efficiency.


SHAKTIMAN Reversible MB Plough

Specification: The Hydraulic Reversible Plough comes with a precisely hardened and tempered mould board which facilitates best in class soil inversion. This ensures the percolated nutrients and moisture below reach the topsoil for primary consumption of plants and exposes the sub-surface soil to sunlight which kills harmful bacteria, fungi. It also buries crop residues deep into the soil for speedy decomposition thus keeping a check on weed growth. The high under frame clearance also doesn’t tamper the ridge and furrows. Farmers now need not burn their crop residue!



Specification: Cultisol is a sturdy and durable hard soil machine. It’s equipped with a spring protec􀆟on mechanism for stony soil and optional hydraulic depth control. Solidly built with a European design, it delivers a high class performance and smooth operation with great efficiency.


SHAKTIMAN Mechanical Seed Drill

Specification: SMSD is used for planting seeds and spreading fertIlizer of wheat, rice, lucerne, rye, oats, peas, barley, soya, red clover, darnel, colza, mustard, maize, etc. It is a compact seeder that can be used even with low HP tractors; the working width goes from 2.5 to 3 meters.With separate seed-fertilizer tanks, seed agitators, covering harrow, hydraulic disc row markers and ‘low seed level’ acoustic alarm, it saves costly seeds, fertilizers and time.


JINMA Backhoe (JINMA18-25HP)

Specification: MODEL: LW-8 Dimension(L*W*H)(mm): 4980*1960*3510 / Structure weight(kg): 700 / Max digging depth(m): 2.64 / Max digging radius(m): 3.93 / Max digging height(m): 3.5 / Max unloading height(m): 2.0 / Stabilizer width(m): 1.83 / Swing angle for boom: 140º / Bucket turning angle: 160º / Bucket capacity(m³): 0.05 / Bucket width(mm): 400 /


JINMA Box Blade

Specification: XL-BB-001 Box Blade / Box Overall Height(cm) 88 / Max Ripper Height(cm) 9 / Max Ripper Depth(cm) 8


JINMA Rotary Tiller TL-85

Specification: Model: TL-85 / Dimensions(LxWxH-mm): 950x800x750 / Structure weight(kg): 155 / Tilling width (m): 0.8 / Tilling depth (mm): 90 / Working efficiency m2/h): 1300-2100 / PTO turnning speed (r/min): 540 / PTO spline (mm) 6x8x700 Power requried (hp) 12-20



Specification: FM120 Structure Weight: 195kg / Cutting Width: 1190 mm / Number of Blade: 3 / PTO Turnning Speed: 540r/min / Tractor HP: 16-25hp


JINMA Front End Loader ZL-10E

Specification: Max lift height (cm): 218 / Lift capacity at full height (kg): 700 / Rated bucket volume (m 3): 0.38 / Matched power: 55-65hp


JINMA Log Splitter with power

Specification: Max.log height(mm): 680 / Working pressure(psi): 1420 / Weight(kg): 200




The place is surrounded by nature. Indigenous trees, birds,animals and flowers are a plenty. Water we use in our pool is from nearby spring and it's free-flowing. River is just at the back of the house.

The space

The place is very quiet and discreet from public eyes. It's in the middle of a 5-hectare property with lots of trees, flowers and indigenous plants. With constant noice from adjacent river, it is just perfect for relaxation and meditation. Community houses are located just at the borders of the property, but with trees and with up and down slopes of the property, guests would feel they are alone in a far away place.

Guest access

Guests can access all amenities inside the 5-hectare. They can move freely around the area.


  • Cable TV
  • WIFI Continuous access in the listing
  • Washer - In the building, free or for a fee
  • Essentials - Towels, bed sheets, soap, and toilet paper
  • TV
  • Heating - Central heating or a heater in the listing
  • Laptop-friendly workspace
  • Air conditioning
  • Iron
  • Dryer - In the building, free or for a fee


  • Free parking on premises
  • Pool
  • Private or shared


  • Refrigerator
  • Dishes and silverware
  • Oven
  • Cooking Basics - Pots and pans, oil, salt and pepper
  • Kitchen - Space where guests can cook their own meals


  • Private entrance - Separate street or building entrance


  • Long term stays allowed - Allow stay for 28 days or more
  • Bed and bath
  • Hangers
  • Extra pillows and blankets


  • Garden or backyard
  • BBQ grill
  • Patio or balcony


  • Waterfront


  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit

PHP Php 12,000.00 / Night