Other Solutions

Can’t commit yet to a subscription with the minimum monthly fee and locked-in the contract period but wanting an on-site printer repair service for your office? No problem, we have other solutions for you!!!

Other SolutionsBenefits/How to avail?
One-Time Hassle-Free LaserjetFree use of brand-new laserjet and on-site service after an initial purchase of a set of cartridges.
Printer On DemandFree use of pre-owned printer and on-site service with minimum monthly fee but NO locked-in period. Customer can terminate contract anytime the it wants to.
Printer EnrollmentJust enroll your existing printers and start purchasing consumables to enjoy on-site service and printer replacement.
Rent-To-Own CopierFree on-site service and preventive maintenance while renting to own your copier.
Print and SaveEach time you buys product from Starlaser, you earn points that you can redeem for an on-site service or buy product.